Children Tabs

Expand width

The .expand() method will widen the children tabs at the bottom of your page by roundabout 12% to give you more space for data and less gaps.

Expanding the tabs’ width is part of the detail view’s .compact() method.


new AppGiniDetailView().compact();

Automatically show badges


new AppGiniDetailView().ChildrenTabs().showBadges();

If this does not work by default, please check the following:

  1. Open language.php in your editor
  2. Find the line starting with $Translation['records x to y of z']
  3. Within your localized/translated string, check if <RecordCount> is the last variable.
  4. As long as the order of the variables <FirstRecord> , <LastRecord> and <RecordCount> are being kept in that order, .showBadges() should work out of the box. There is a regular expression which finds the last integer number.
  5. If this does not work with your translaten, you can still pass a customized regular expression as parameter to .showBadges(my_custom_regex)-function.

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