Multi-Column Layout


new AppGiniLayout( [ column_1_width, column_2_width, ... ] )
    .add( column_index_1, ["fieldname_1", "fieldname_2", ...])
    .add( column_index_2, ["fieldname_3", "fieldname_4", ...]);

Argument column_index starts at 1.


new AppGiniLayout([8, 4])
    .add(1, ["last_name", "first_name"])
    .add(2, ["image", "gender"]);
  1. Creates a new row with two columns. Column #1 will have a width of 8 (which means 8/12 ~= 67%), and column #2 will have a width of 4 (which means 4/12 ~= 33%).
  2. Fields last_name and first_name will be inserted into column #1
  3. Fields image and gender will be inserted into column #2

Headlines and dividers

Arguments starting with # (like "#Patient") will be rendered as a kind of headline. If you pass a dash/minus "-" this will be rendered as a horizontal divider. The position within the array controls the position in the page. This means you can re-order fields as you like without changing the order in AppGini and without re-generating the app.

new AppGiniLayout([8, 4])
   .add(1, ["#Patient", "last_name", "first_name"])
   .add(1, ["#Anamnesis", "tobacco_usage", "alcohol_intake", "history"])
   .add(1, ["#History", "surgical_history", "obstetric_history", "genetic_diseases", "other_details"])
   .add(2, ["#Details", "image", "gender", "sexual_orientation", "birth_date", "age"])
   .add(2, ["-", "#Contact", "state", "contact_person", "mobile", "comments"])

Mixing layouts

You can also mix layouts on the same page, for example you can have a 1-column-row with couple of fields and then have a 2-column-row below with the rest of the fields:

var row_1 = new AppGiniLayout([12])
  .add(1, ["#Patient", "last_name", "first_name", "-", "birth_date", "age"])

var row_2 = new AppGiniLayout([8, 4])
  .add(1, ["#Anamnesis", "tobacco_usage", "alcohol_intake", "history"])
  .add(1, ["#History", "surgical_history", "obstetric_history", "genetic_diseases", "other_details"])
  .add(2, ["#Details", "image", "gender", "sexual_orientation", "weight", "height", "glasses"])

Alignment of labels and controls

Due to Bootstraps 12-column grid-system there may be problems with alignment of labels and controls when using different layouts on the same page.

There are built-in helper functions to solve those situations.

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