Get Started


Before you can start using AppGini Helper Library make sure you have downloaded the script file into hooks-directory and included it in your code as it has been described here:


There are two types of modifications you can apply:

  1. Global modifications like replacement of the top-left icon
  2. Page-specific modifications like hiding fields or changing the layout

Global Modifications

You can write custom JavaScript code in common files like in hooks/header-extras.php. If you do so, make sure you place your code within <script></script> tags:

<script src="hooks/AppGiniHelper.mine.js"></script>
    // your JavaScript code here

As an alternative you can create a separate JavaScript file for your code and include that using <script src="my_filename.js"></script>.

<script src="hooks/AppGiniHelper.mine.js"></script>
<script src="hooks/my_custom_code.js"></script>
// file: hooks/my_custom_code.js
// your JavaScript code here

Attention: Your browser may have cached an older version of your script. If you cannot see your changes reload your page and force cleaning cache. In most browsers you can use [Shift] + [F5] or [CTRL] + [R] on your keyboard.

Page Modifications

For page-dependent JavaScript code you have to create a new file in hooks-directory.


The first part of the filename has to match the table name with exact letter casing. After the table name there is the suffix -dv (for detail view) and the extension .js.

Create that file if it does not exist, yet, and start coding. You must not wrap your code in <script></script> tags.

Your AppGini app will include these files automatically if they exists.

Please also note the AppGini Helper menu at the top of each page

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