Coming next

Turn datetime pickers into datepickers and create date-range-pickers

Are you satisfied with the default date-picker? With next version of AppGiniHelper JavaScript Library you will be able to turn any datetime field into a date-picker or to turn two datetime fields into a data-range picker.

Coming soon

Automatic suggestions from the database
while typing

It takes just one line of code to enable auto-suggest feature per field. While typing, matching records are retrieved from the database and offered for selection.

Change handler and detail-view title

Dynamic indicators in navbar

Watch the item at the right of the navbar. Values will be requested from the server periodically, and counter, icon and color will be changed automatically.


  • Multiple indicators possible
  • Full control over counter, icon, css-class of the icon, tooltip
  • Configurable interval
  • Requires PHP file on server side in which you can query and/or calculate the counter-result
  • Complete example PHP-file and JavaScript code will be included


  • Number of messages for current user
  • Number of open tasks
  • Number of open tasks for today
  • Number of work orders
  • Number of work orders for today
  • Number finished work orders this week
  • Number of patients waiting

Released in version 2019/10/03-01

Collapsible groups

Place a group of fields in a collapsible/expandable panel which will automatically save and restore their state on next load.

Detail view: setTitle

Now you will be able to change the form’s title. Place plain text and even HTML formatted text there.

Icons for ActionBar-groups

Adding new buttons below ActionButtons was one of the first features of our library. From next version on you will be able to add icons before the group-headers.

Custom image in navigation bar

Replace the existing icon with a user defined custom picture with one line of code.

Additional alerts before/after fields

Insert alerts in variations before or after existing fields;

  • info (blue)
  • success (green)
  • warning (orange)
  • danger (red)

Released in version 2019/09/23-01

Inline Input- and Dropdown-fields

Placeholders for Input-fields

Automatically move buttons into the related tab

Badges in tabs

Please also note the AppGini Helper menu at the top of each page

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