AppGini Helper

Thank you for your interest in our AppGini Helper JavaScript library! Our libaries have been successfullly used in couple of AppGini projects around the world. And now we have made it available to all AppGini developers.

Our library provides extra functionality to modify your AppGini applications. All commands are easy to understand – even for non-developers. Many of them are “one-liners”.

See the following example which will change the application’s icon and title. It’s easy, isn’t it?

<!-- file: hooks/header-extras.php -->
<script src="hooks/AppGiniHelper.mine.js"></script>
    new AppGiniCommon()
        .setIcon("plus", "text-danger")


Our JavaScript library is compatible with latest AppGini Version 5.7x. Allthough untested, it should also work with all versions of AppGini since 5.20 (since October 2013) when Bootstrap themes had been added to AppGini.

What’s next?

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