International Projects

Software & IT-Consulting
Jan Setzer

Wirt. Inf. BA
Business administration and IT specialist

Freelance senior software developer and IT-Consultant with extensive experience in developing and building high quality database applications for industry and government.

Development skills

.NET ◽ C# ◽ ASP.NET ◽ Microsoft SQL Server
PHP ◽ MySQL ◽ JQuery ◽ Bootstrap ◽ AppGini


  • English
  • German


More about AppGini projects and User Interface (UI) improvements: click here

National projects


  • Land Registry Management
    Real Estate Enterprise
  • Order, Production and Shipping Management
    for Public Request Forms
    Northern German State Government


  • Barcode Scanning & Type Plate Printing Software
    Industrial Enterprise
  • Intranet Management System for Inspection Results
    from Test Stands
    Industrial Enterprise
  • Electronic Data Exchange of Children’s Health Data 
    Northern German State Government and County Government
  • Intranet
    Energy Provider


  • Refactoring of Children’s Health IT System
    Northern German State Government
  • Internet Auditing Software for safety-related questionaires
    Energy Sector
  • WordPress homepages
    Various customers
  • Statistic Analysis
    Retail Business


  • Process Management Software
    Energy Sector
  • Children’s Health IT System 
    Northern German State Government
  • Electronical Record Management / Case Management
    Northern German State Government
  • Software for versioned documentation of process organization and organizational structure
    Various customers
  • Electronic Auditing Software 
    Northern German State Government
  • Automated Management Reporting
    Various customers
  • Business Intelligence / OLAP
    Various customers

International projects

Shift-Planning Software
Healthcare Sector

Implementation support:
Task- & Meeting-Management
Non Profit Organisation

Intranet projects based on AppGini development platform


  • Consultancy
  • Database modeling (ERM)
  • PHP and JQuery Programming including Hooks
  • Installation and maintenance
  • Support


  • Individual Filters
  • Integrated Charts
  • Integrated Scheduler
  • Integrated Calendar
  • Import / Export
  • User Interface improvements
  • Client side (JQuery) scripting
  • Server side programming
  • AJAX programming (Client-Server)

Veteran Member of
AppGini Support Forum

AppGini UI improvements

See examples of my AppGini UI-improvements from various projects.