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AppGini Helper JavaScript Library

Are you looking for our AppGini Helper JavaScript library?

Please note that the AppGini Helper JavaScript Library we are offering does not contain all features shown here. What you can see here has been developed in several projects and products over the time. Some features have already been rewritten and transferred into our AppGini Helper Library, others will be included in future releases. But some features shown here require additional PHP functionality and cannot be done in pure JavaScript. 

In other words: This page is a showcase of what can be done and what we can do for your projects. This page is not a showcase of the AppGini Helper JavaScript Library. Please find additional information here:

AppGini User Interface Improvements (UI)

AppGini is an outstanding platform used for the rapid development of responsive database application, prototyping and more. Here you will find examples of projects and user interface improvements.

I am available to help with your ongoing software projects, to enable you focus on more productive endeavours. Feel free to contact me if you think I can assist in any way.

Home Page

Your homepage is the first page visitors land when they visit your application. And well, if it looks like a broken front door, it may not appeal to them to navigate your website the more or simply convert.

Sidebar layout

Requested many times: beautiful sidebar layout for your AppGini applications.

Desktop-Style dashboard

Get in style with an alternative homepage style with desktop-like buttons

Tile-Style dashboard

How about an alternative homepage style with tile-layout?

Customized Dashboards


Using Open Street Map (OSM) and microcharts

Background image

Give your homepage an individual background image

Live!Zilla Integration

Lize!Zilla chat-button (live support) gives your users immediate support options.

Login Page

Background image of login page

You might want to change the background image of your login page to something that appeals or something that reflects the essense of your business.


Customized logo & title

Replace the default home-icon with a glyphicon or any other custom image. Add a html-formatted title.

Modified logo and app-title

Default logo and app-title

Modified buttons and icons



Table view improvements

Layout having details-view a the right hand side

By default, most record details will be shown on a separate page or below the table view. I can help you customize this to a more user-friendly layout where the details can be placed right beside the table.

Inline indicators

If there are additional information or aggregated results from other tables, they can be added with colorful or graphical labels right inside the table views.

Concatenated content from different tables

Usually you will see data from the same table. But you can add columns with calculated values and even columns with data coming from multiple records of different tables.

Detail view improvements

Many-to-many relationship

Add n:m relations between two tables with a beautiful multiselect control. References will be inserted into or deleted from your database on save.

Flexible multi-column layout of fields

For easy user navigation, you can layout your fields in two or more columns, change positions and labels.

Runtime calculation in forms

Automatic calculation of values depending on input values, selections and formulae.

Toggle field-visibility

Hide or show fields depending on a dropdown-selection

Width of children tabs

By default there is an offset that make the tabs smaller than the available space. This can be adjusted to get wider tabs that will make room for more details.

Additional tabs

You can set your tabs to show records of a related detail table. Using additional code you can create new tabs with custom caption and image, showcasing whatever you need inside the new tabs.

In the following screenshots there is (a) a diagram showing relations between records, (b) tables showing aggregated details and (c) a list of files (including image-preview) directly read from a directory which is related to the current record, .

Badges in tabs

Automatically add badges inside the tab-captions showing the number of records after the details have been loaded dynamically.


Dynamically generated charts based on your data right within a detail view or any other place.

Organizational Charts

Dynamically generated organizational charts based on your data.

Calendar integration

What’s a business without proper time management? You can integrate a calendar- or scheduler-view directly in your forms to ensure the smooth running of things.

Diagram integration (using Mermaid)

Render diagrams based on your data using the mermaid markup language

Navigation through tabs

You can customize your tab in such a way that you can navigate through tabs using arrow-buttons or keyboard [Ctrl]+[←] / [Ctrl]+[→]

Link buttons for details

You can have a modified button toolbar that show icons with slightly different layout and design.

Dropdown items with icons

Styled checkboxes

Modified checkboxes, various styles

Default checkbox

Planning-Board application

Drag & Drop enabled planning board with customizable dimensions (columns and rows) and cards spells good tracking businesses. Here, you can disable drop zones by defining rules, customize colors etc. Execute actions when a card enters or leaves a cell, row or column, for example notify customers or staff.

QR-Code / Barcode integration

Create unique barcodes, print barcode-labels in various formats and integrate barcode scanning in your AppGini application

Finally, label your files, devices, machines or whatever you need to track. Then you are ready to go!

Do you like what you see here?

We can help you too. We are currently working on various projects for customers in Germany, the United States, United Kingdom and Israel.

Projects can simply be done online directly on your server machine. Upon request, you can also be given codes + instructions for integration into your app all by yourself. It all depends on what you want as we are here to serve you.

We track working times in a time-sheet application and charge you on a fixed hourly rate. On the other hand, if you have  a bigger project, we can also accomodate. Kindly can contact me and I will give you a fixed-price quote.

Feel free to make a contact today, if you want us to support you on your project!


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